NCTM: Catalyzing Change in High School Mathematics

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NCTM: Catalyzing Change in High School Mathematics

Postby Joseph Malkevitch » Tue Sep 26, 2017 11:14 am

Dear Colleagues,

NCTM has tried to chart out a vision for what mathematics education should look like, including its very important Standards. Unfortunately, from my viewpoint, the content of the CCSS-M were a step backwards, and these "national" standards are being replaced by 50 states adapting some version of the CCSS-M after the attempt to make the CCSS-M work nationally has broken down. NCTM has requested public feedback on a document that addresses high school mathematics education in the post CCSS-M world. You can give your reactions to the document below, due by October 8, 2017. ... Review.pdf


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