Mathematics and gerrymandering

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Mathematics and gerrymandering

Postby Joseph Malkevitch » Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:22 pm

Dear Colleagues,

It is fashionable in some mathematical circles to think that mathematics is a subject which grows only from looking at internal questions related to the development of the field. Certainly, there have been times when mathematics grew because questions arising outside of mathematics commanded attention to issues that had mathematical interest.

Questions about fairness are a good example of questions which throughout mathematical history have caused mathematicians to develop interesting mathematical ideas. While gerrymandering, the design of legislative districts for political goals, is not a new subject, recent events in the United States, where dramatic changes in the representation of political parties has resulted from the way legislatures have drawn district lines, has resulted in interest in the mathematics of gerrymandering.

Here is a recent article about this:


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